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  • Akcome N-type HJT Module Winning the "Golden Leopard Award"

    Akcome 2023-03-31 0 times

    On March 24, 2023, the 5th PV Module Development Trend and Reliability Technology Seminar & 2023 MolePV Golden Leopard Award Ceremony was held in Beijing. For its N-type AK iPower high-efficiency heterojunction module, Akcome won the "Golden Leopard Award" – "Gold Module Award" in the category of photovoltaic modules and materials and equipment. Mr. Chen Guoqing, Senior Product Manager of Akcome Energy Research Institute was invited to attend the event and shared High Efficiency Heterojunction Products and Industrialization Challenge.

    The conference was jointly hosted by Yangtze River Delta Solar Photovoltaic Technology Innovation Center and Molepv. Experts from the industry, representatives of outstanding photovoltaic enterprises and technical talents gathered together to discuss the development trend and technical challenges of 2023 photovoltaic cell modules in depth. 


    Akcome won "Gold Module Award"  for  AK iPower high-efficiency heterojunction module


    At the meeting, Chen Guoqing, senior manager of product management of Akcome Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on Efficient Heterojunction Products and Industrialization Challenge. The report pointed out that as a new generation of cell technology, heterojunction technology has great development potential, but in the process of industrialization, it also faces many challenges. The report introduces the challenges and solutions encountered in the industrialization process of heterojunction technology from the aspects of cost, reliability, efficiency and technical feasibility, and introduce the new generation of highly efficient heterojunction module of Akcome AK iPower.


    ▲ Akcome Chen Guoqing delivered a keynote speech

    The new generation of highly efficient heterojunction modules from Akcome AK iPower features high power, high efficiency, low temperature coefficient, high double-sided rate, and low linear attenuation in the first year and every year. The maximum power of the product is 720w, the highest efficiency is 23.2%, the temperature coefficient is -0.24%/°C, and the double-sided rate is 85-95%. The product features excellent performance, high system adaptability, and high reliability, meeting customers' requirements in different application scenarios. 

    This honor is highly recognized and affirmed of the quality and technical ability of Akcome modules in the market, which shows the growing brand strength of Akcome. Akcome will continue to improve the quality of photovoltaic products, develop a good job of brand advantages, and continue to contribute to the global clean energy development! 


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