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  • Akcome Debute at All-Energy Australia 2023!

    Akcome 2023-10-27 0 times

    On October 25, 2023, the 2-day All- Energy Australia was successfully held in Melbourne. Adhering to the strategic policy of continuously exploring the overseas market, Akcome made a stunning appearance at the All- Energy Australia with a series of high-efficiency modules. 


    The European photovoltaic market is developing rapidly

    All- Energy Australia is Australia's only and largest renewable energy exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is clean and renewable energy, featuring various forms of clean and renewable energy, including solar, wind, wave and tidal energy, clean coal, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency.

    In terms of photovoltaic power generation, Australia is currently the world leader in the use of photovoltaic power, with more than 1.2 kW of photovoltaic power generation per capita. According to the data analysis of relevant clean energy regulators, the installed capacity of rooftop PV systems in Australia has exceeded 20GW, and the number of installed PV systems has been more than 3.4million. According to data from relevant PV consultant institutes, Australia’s rooftop PV power generation has exceeded the country’s coal-fired power generation, becoming the country’s largest power generation source. 




    AKCOME module generate high income from power generation

    Aiming at the demand of local installation environment and market of Australia, Akcome brought a series of products suitable for the Australian market at the exhibition: AK iTopper 4.0 440 W, AK iTopper 5.0 580 W and AK iPower 7.0 720 W modules. Since this year, Akcome has focused on the R&D and exploration of N-type technology, and has made great step progress in TOPCon and HJT technology. The AK iPower 7.0 720 W module have attracted a lot of attention in the industry as a star product of Akcome. AK iPower 7.0 720 W module adopt 210 HJT cells. The product adopts the latest research achievement of Akcome super muitiple bus bar (18BB) technology. Based on the core advantages of high efficiency, high bifacial rate, low temperature coefficient and low degradation, the products are well received by customers around the world. The AK iTopper 4.0 440 W and AK iTopper 5.0 580 W products, relying on the latest generation of N-type TOPCon technology, are perfectly suitable for application scenarios such as ground power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, and roof power stations. The products can meet the needs of customers in all scenarios and maximize customer value, which has become another focus of this exhibition, attracting many visitors. 


    Excellent product performance wins customer trust

    At the exhibition site, Akcome reached a strategic cooperation consensus with a number of Australian enterprises, and reached a cooperation intention with local enterprises INTEGRA and RAYSTECH. The clients said that Akcome was widely known in Australia and hoped that both parties would maintain long-term friendly cooperation relationship and jointly promote the development of Australian photovoltaic energy. 



    By virtue of excellent performance and high-quality service, Akcome products have won the deep trust of customers at home and abroad, and this exhibition has enabled global customers to have a brand-new understanding of Akcome. In the future, Akcome will continue to focus on the research and development of N-type cutting-edge technology, and will be committed to providing more efficient and innovative full-scene application solutions for global customers. 



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