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  • AKCOME All-Scenario Application Solutions Shine in Germany

    Akcome 2023-11-30 0 times

    The two-day Germany Duesseldorf Solar Expo commenced grandly at the Duesseldorf Exhibition Center on November 29th to 30th. As one of the world's leading photovoltaic enterprises, AKCOME unveiled two high-efficiency modules with AK iPower 7.0 Series 720 W and AK iTopper 4.0 Series 430 W at this prominent solar event.


    At this photovoltaic exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, AKCOME showcased its leading position and innovative capabilities in the photovoltaic field to global partners and customers. AK iPower 7.0 Series 720 W high-efficiency module as a star product of AKCOME, utilizes 210mm HJT cells, deeply integrating microcrystalline technology and multi-busbar techniques. Leveraging the advantages of HJT cell structure, the module boasts high efficiency, high bifaciality, low attenuation, and low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy). With a maximum conversion efficiency surpassing 23.2%, this module stands as an exceptional high-efficiency module tailored for large scale ground power stations.

    Another excellent product, the AK iTopper 4.0 Series 430 W high-efficiency module, is the offering tailored for commercial and residential applications of AKCOME. This product utilizes 182mm TOPCon cells and with conversion efficiency of 22.02%. The modules in this series exhibit a first-year degradation of ≤1% and a linear annual degradation of ≤0.4%, ensuring that the module's power output remains no less than 89.4% over 25 years. Once the two star products were displayed, they instantly became the focus of the audience and led the conversation.





    At the exhibition site, AKCOME engaged in in-depth discussions and collaboration with customers and partners from around the globe. Through comprehensive and multidimensional demonstrations of the cutting-edge photovoltaic products and technological prowess of AKCOME, several cooperation agreements were signed on-site with multiple enterprises regarding solar strategic development plans. These initiatives accelerated AKCOME toward globalization.






    Reportedly, Germany had accumulated nearly 7.5 GW of newly added photovoltaic installed capacity in 2023, surpassing the total additions of the previous year and almost reaching this year's full-year target. Industry-related forecasts anticipate that Germany's new photovoltaic installed capacity for this year could reach a historical high of nearly 15GW. Concurrently, Germany continues to revise legislation to increase the share of renewable energy generation. The total budget for renewable energy legislation in 2023amounts to 28 billion euros, aiming to elevate the proportion of renewable energy in total power consumption to 80% by 2045, ultimately achieving carbon neutrality.



    As one of the global leaders in the photovoltaic industry, AKCOME has consistently dedicated itself to driving the development and innovation within the solar sector. In the future, AKCOME intends to intensify research and development investments, introducing more innovative and leading-edge photovoltaic products and solutions. These efforts aim to offer users worldwide more reliable, intelligent, and efficient energy services, collectively propelling the advancement and progress of the global photovoltaic industry.


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